Hotkar Lab Tested Karla Niger Handmade Chutney and with Natural Oils

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Hokar niger seeds chutney is a traditional Maharashtrian dry chutney made from niger seeds (karala). This chutney is a perfect accompaniment to any snack or meal. The chutney is extremely easy to make and requires no extra oil. It can easily be stored long-term, making it a great choice for bachelors or busy people who don’t have time to make chutney.

The niger seeds are roasted to bring out the unique flavor of the chutney. This roasting method also helps to retain the nutritional and medicinal benefits of the niger seeds. The niger seeds are a great source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that can help to improve overall health. The chutney can be enjoyed with bread, roti, rice, or bhakri.

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