Hotkar Lab Tested Onion Garlic Handmade Chutney and with Natural Oils

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Hotkar Onion garlic chutney is a rare gem for both veg and non-veg curry makers. It is a lab tested, chemical-free, and no-preservative chutney. The ingredients of this chutney are sourced from our own farm and the processing is done without any harsh technology. The ingredients are directly sundried and then crushed in such a way that the aroma, taste, and texture benefits remain intact even after it is opened and stored in the masala box or kitchen. We believe in ancient methods which our ancestors had a strong immune system for. So you can enjoy the pure and authenticated benefits of spices with Hotkar Onion garlic chutney.
*Lab tested
other language Secret of Kolhapuri cuisine, Puliyogare Masala Chutney

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