Hotkar Dusky Crispy Sode Meat/ Pure Sode orignal

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If you are a seafood Sode lover, However. When it comes to seafood, prawns are enjoyed all year round. These crunchy delights are not only tasty but have quite a few benefits to offer. Prawns are a super low-fat source of protein along with nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Known to be a great source of vitamin A and E. Prawns are also good source of unsaturated fats, which is said to make up the majority of its fat content. We give you some amazing benefits of eating prawns and just the right way to eat them.Benefits of eating prawns.

Uses: Apart from it, making prawns part of your regular meal creates a wall between you and major chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, metabolic, and cancerous diseases.
To your surprise, prawns are a pretty good source of weight loss. But how? Prawns’ nutritional composition works under the general fact of ‘low calorie; less weight Not only this, it helps you to look younger and healthier as it aids in gaining healthy muscle weight. Plus keeps your skin and hairs toxin-free. All because prawns are the lords of Vitamin E.

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