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Best Maida Recipes
All-purpose flour or Maida is fine flour, high in gluten, which makes it the perfect ingredient for baking mouth-watering desserts like cakes, pastries and biscuits along with delicious breads such as naan, bhaturas and parathas. While many studies would tell you to switch all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour, which is much healthier; there is no denying that piping hot Indian breads and those luscious desserts wouldn’t be this delicious without Maida.
Being an essential kitchen ingredient, maida can be used to make a host of innumerable delicious dishes that you can prepare at home. From sinful bakes like cupcakes, cookies, pies and tarts to mouth-watering breads, roti, naan, and crispy snacks like samosa and namak pare; there are endless maida recipes that you can prepare at home. If you’ve been wondering how to cook some of the best maida based meals at home, we’ve got you covered!
1. Luchi
2. Nagori Puri
3. Margherita Pizza
4. Chocolate Mug Cake
5. Momos
6. Pancakes
7. Namak Pare
8. Samosa
9. Sheermal
10. Scone Pizza
11. Paneer Naanza
12. Chicken Spring Roll
13. Momo Manchurian

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